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New Approach European Directives



Description Directive Legislation Text Harmonised standards
Gas appliances D.C. 2009/142/CE
Equipment for explosive atmospheres (ATEX) D.C. 2014/34/UE
Pyrotechnic articles 2013/29/UE
Lifts D.C. 2014/33/UE
Low voltage (LVD D.C. 2014/35/UE
Boilers D.C. 92/42/CEE
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)) D.C. 2014/30/UE
Diagnóstico in-vitro D.C. 98/79/CE
In vitro diagnostic medical devices D.C. 2013/53/UE
Pressure equipment D.C. 2014/68/UE
Personal protective equipment D.C. 89/686/CEE
Radio equipment D.C. 2014/53/EU
Explosives for civil uses D.C. 2014/28/UE
Cableway installations D.C. 2000/9/CE
Measuring instruments (MID) D.C. 2014/32/UE
Non-automatic weighing instruments (NAWI) D.C. 2014/31/UE
Toy Safety D.C. 2009/48/CEE
Machinery D.C. 2006/42/CEE
Construcciom Producta (CPD/CPR) 89/106/EEC
Medical devices D.C. 93/42/CEE
Active implantable medical devices D.C. 90/385/CEE
Simple pressure vessels D.C. 2014/29/UE
Chemical substances (REACH) 1907/2006
Ecodesign and Energy Labelling (ErP) D.C. 2009/125/CE + D.C. 2010/30/CE  
Ecodesign - Electric motors (ErP) 4/2014
Ecodesign - Air heating and cooling products (ErP) 2016/2281
Ecodesign - Fans (ErP) 327/2011  
Ecodesign - Power supplies (ErP) 278/2009
Ecodesign - Set-top boxes (ErP) 107/2009  
Ecodesign - Standby and off mode (ErP) 801/2013
Ecodesign - Transformers (ErP) 548/2014
Ecodesign - Water pumps (ErP) 547/2012  
Energy-related products (ErP) 2010/30/EU  
Ecodesign and energy labelling - Air conditioners and comfort fans (ErP) 206/2012
Ecodesign and energy labelling – Circulators (ErP) 622/2012
Ecodesign and energy labelling - Directional and LED lamps (ErP) 2015/1428
Ecodesign and energy labelling - dishwashers (ErP) 1016/2010
Fluorescent lamps (ErP) 2015/1428
Ecodesign and energy labelling - Household lamps (ErP) 2015/1428
Ecodesign and energy labelling - Refrigerating appliances (ErP) 1060/2010
Ecodesign and energy labelling - television (ErP) 1062/2010  
Ecodesign and energy labelling - tumble driers (ErP) 932/2012
Ecodesign and energy labelling - Vacuum cleaners (ErP) 666/2013
Ecodesign and energy labelling - Washing machines (ErP) 1015/2010
Domestic ovens, hobs and range hoods (ErP) 66/2014
Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances (RoHS) D.C. 2011/65/EU
General product safet (Not belong to CE Marking) D.C. 2001/95/CE