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Cableway installations designed to carry persons











Entry into force:  05/03/2000



RD 596/2002



The installations concerned are:

  1. funicular railways and other installations with vehicles mounted on wheels or on other
    suspension devices where traction is provided by one or more cables;
  2. cable cars where the cabins are lifted and/or displaced by one or more carrier cables;
    this category also includes gondolas and chair lifts;
  3. drag lifts, where users with appropriate equipment are dragged by means of a cable.



This Directive shall not apply to:

  • lifts within the meaning of Directive 95/16/EC,
  • cable-operated tramways of traditional construction,
  • installations used for agricultural purposes,
  • on-site or mobile equipment for use in fairgrounds and/or amusement parks which
    are designed for leisure purposes and not as a means for transporting persons,
  • mining installations or on-site installations used for industrial purposes,
  • cable-operated ferries,
  • rack railways,
  • chain-driven installations.