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D.C. 2014/33/EU






Entry into force: 20 april 2016






This Directive shall apply to lifts permanently serving buildings and constructions and intended for the

transport of:


(a) persons;

(b) persons and goods;

(c) goods alone if the carrier is accessible, that is to say a person may enter it without difficulty, and

fitted with controls situated inside the carrier or within reach of a person inside the carrier.


This Directive shall also apply to the safety components for lifts listed in Annex III for use in the lifts

referred to in the first subparagraph.



This Directive shall not apply to:


(a) lifting appliances whose speed is not greater than 0,15 m/s;

(b) construction site hoists;

(c) cableways, including funicular railways;

(d) lifts specially designed and constructed for military or police purposes;

(e) lifting appliances from which work can be carried out;

(f) mine winding gear;

(g) lifting appliances intended for lifting performers during artistic performances;

(h) lifting appliances fitted in means of transport;

(i) lifting appliances connected to machinery and intended exclusively for access to workstations

including maintenance and inspection points on the machinery;

(j) rack and pinion trains;

(k) escalators and mechanical walkways.


Where, for lifts or safety components for lifts, the risks referred to in this Directive are wholly or partly

covered by specific Union law, this Directive shall not apply or shall cease to apply in the case of such

lifts or safety components for lifts and such risks as from the application of that specific Union law.