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General product safety (Does not belong to CE mark)











Entry into force:  01/15/2010



- RD 1801/2003
- RD 776/2011 (Repeals additional provision 3)




The General Product Safety Regulations cover all products that fall under their remit.
There are, however, a large number of regulations and standards that specifically cover
different types of products, such as Toys, Electrical Equipment and Dangerous Imitations.


In these areas, where there is a specific regulation governing the safety of these type of products,

the Directive 2001/95/CE will apply only to aspects or risks unforeseen in that specific rule, i.e,

the Directive will have a supplementary and complementary use that will address those unregulated

gaps of said sector-specific regulation.


These regulations apply to any products which are:.

  • intended for consumers.
  • likely to be used by consumers under reasonably foreseeable conditions, even if not intended
    for them.
  •  any product intended for consumers or likely to be used by consumers, supplied whether for
    consideration or not in the course of a commercial activity and whether new, used or




  • antiques .
  • products to be repaired or reconditioned prior to being used, provided that the supplier
    clearly informs the person to whom he supplies the product to that effect.
  • Services. However, the Directive does apply to products that are supplied or made available

    to the consumer in the framework of the provision of services for use by them. For example,    

    the service of installing a range hood ventilator would not be under the scope of the directive,

    but the air extractor used by the consumer would be. 

  • Modes of transportation that are driven by a professional and in which consumers circulate or travel (for example, trains or planes).