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Non-automatic weighing instruments










Entry into force:  20 april 2016






1. This Directive shall apply to all non-automatic weighing instruments.


2. For the purposes of this Directive, the following categories of use of non-automatic weighing

instruments shall be distinguished:


(a) determination of mass for commercial transactions;

(b) determination of mass for the calculation of a toll, tariff, tax, bonus, penalty, remuneration,

indemnity or similar type of payment;

(c) determination of mass for the application of laws or regulations or for an expert opinion given in

court proceedings;

(d) determination of mass in the practice of medicine for weighing patients for the purposes of

monitoring, diagnosis and medical treatment;

(e) determination of mass for making up medicines on prescription in a pharmacy and determination of

mass in analyses carried out in medical and pharmaceutical laboratories;

(f) determination of price on the basis of mass for the purposes of direct sales to the public and the

making-up of prepackages;

(g) all applications other than those listed in points (a) to (f).



Weighing instruments whose use is different from those that have been listed in the section ‘Scope’.