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New hot-water boilers fired with liquid or gaseous fuels
New hot-water boilers fired with liquid or gaseous fuels





D.C. 92/42/EEC






Entry into force: 

- For 92/42 /EEC - 06/03/1992
- For 2008/28 /EC - 03/21/2008



- RD 275/1995, Correction (n. 125 of 05/26/95).
- RD 275/95, BOE 27/03/95 73.
- RD 1369/2007 (Amendment to RD 275/95)



New hot-water boilers fired by liquid or gaseous fuels with a rated output of no less than 4 kW and
no more than 400 kW: 

  • Standard boiler
  • Low-temperature boiler
  • Gas condensing boiler


The following shall be excluded from this Directive:

  • Hot-water boilers capable of being fired by different fuels including solid fuels
  • Equipment for the instantaneous preparation of hot water
  • Boilers designed to be fired by fuels the properties of which differ appreciably from the
    properties of the liquid and gaseous fuels commonly marketed
  • Cookers and appliances designed mainly to heat the premises in which they are installed
    and, as a subsidiary function, to supply hot water for central heating and sanitary hot water
  • Appliances with rated outputs of less than 6 kW using gravity circulation and designed solely
    for the production of stored sanitary hot water
  • Boilers manufactured on a one-off basis
  • Cogeneration units