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Personal protective equipment (PPE)





D.C. 89/686/CEE






Entry into force:  01/19/1990



RD 1407/1992.
RD 159/1995.
Order 56 02/20/97 ---- 03/06/97 BOE (Modifies the RD 1407/92).
Regulation No. 1882/2003 (Amendment to Article 6.2)
Compliance 2006/216
BOE Resolution No. 232 (9/27/01) (Updates Annex IV)
BOE Resolution No. 159 (07/04/02) (update Annex IV)



Any device or appliance designed to be worn or held by an individual for protection against one or
more health and safety hazards


  • PPE designed and manufactured specifically for use by the armed forces or in the maintenance of
    law and order.
  • PPE for self-defence (aerosol canisters, personal deterrent weapons, etc...).
  • PPE designed and manufactured for private use against adverse atmospheric conditions, damp
    and water and heat .
  • PPE intended for the protection or rescue of persons on vessels or aircraft, not worn all the time.
  • Motor cycle helmets and visors.