AT4 wireless launches the English version of its web site about CE marking

|October 08, 2013 | AT4 wireless has just issued the English version of its web site about CE Marking (, intended to inform and assess manufacturers and importers of electrical, electronic and telecommunications equipment about the requirements needed to access to the European market with quality, security and reliability guarantees.

It is a very helpful tool for the industry which describes what CE Marking is, specifies responsibilities, as well as different requirements in the lifecycle of each product.

One of the advantages of the site is its interactivity with the user. In addition the site allows open queries to a CE technical expert and answers in real time via its interactive guide (/en/what-directive-apply-to-my-product.html) on the directives which may affect each product.

The publication of the English version of the AT4 wireless’ CE Marking web site provides access to their content to a wider audience internationally.

After renovation a year ago, the Spanish version of the CE web site has already doubled the number of hits and inquiries it receives, supporting to the Spanish industry from its launching and it continues the international growth with the English version.

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