New capabilities for Vibration Testing


AT4 wireless environmental testing laboratory has just updated its capabilities to perform Vibration Testing, including:

  • Sine on Random Vibration (SoR)

  • Random on Random Vibration (RoR)

  • Finding resonances up to six measurement point

To pass these type of testing is a common requirement in the avionics industry (RTCA), military (MIL-STD) and railway industry, among others.


Furthermore, AT4 wireless laboratory, offers an extensive variety of reliability testing:
  • Mechanical Stress - Stress, Usability
  • Climatic Testing - Temperature, Humidity, Thermal Shock, Salt Fog & IP Level
  • Component Testing - Electrical measurements, Weldability, Passive Flammability and Endurance

AT4 wireless laboratory, with more than 20 years of experience in testing and certification for electric & electronic and telecommunication devices, is able to adapt to every client needs, offering a personalized treatment in the whole testing and certification process.


Press Contact AT4 wireless 
 Belen Garcia
+34 95 261 93 09