AT4 wireless expands its testing capabilities for urban equipment

| Octuber 20, 2014 | AT4 wireless is aware of the growing demand according to latest requirements that regulates public organizations. Currently, the Laboratory offers a full service package to meet the new requirements in this field.


Urban equipment must comply with ever-stricter requirements in safety, durability, strength and stability, according to its features and intended use. AT4 wireless, aware of the importance of enviromental testing to comply with these requirements, is continuously extending its services portfolio to meet the needs this demanding industry.

AT4 wireless´ has state of the art Laboratory facilities are able to identify all protection IK codes (EN 50102/ EN 62262) that may be required to electrical equipment enclosures according to the standards in force.

In addition, the Laboratory located in the Technological Park of Andalusia (Málaga, Spain) has just expanded its testing services in solar aging (EN 60068-2-5). The Laboratory provides these testing services to medium-size equipment, with irradiance of less than1.300 w/m2 and up to 800 x800mm.

“Our clients in this sector are not just interested in certifying their equipment to launch them into the market. They also want to certify their products’ useful life, safety and quality to meet the requirements of public organizations requirements, such as city councils, airports, government agencies, etc.” said Rafael González (Electrical Safety and Renewable Energy Manager at AT4 wireless).


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