AT4 wireless provides updated testing solutions to the LED lighting industry

| October 25, 2014 | AT4 wireless has updated the specific testing solutions provided to the lighting industry, according to the latest changes in the standards for self-ballasted LED lamps (UNE-EN 62560 and UNE-EN 62612), published by AENOR.


LED lighting technology is in constant evolution, and lighting industry manufacturers are continuously launching into the market new models and technologies based on LED lighting chips. This technology provides a higher level of energy efficiency and longer useful life than by other lighting systems and lamps. All these developments are reflected in the latest changes in the regulations governing the lighting industry.

The new harmonized standard for self-ballasted LED lamps , EN 62560 (for LED light bulbs, not luminaries) of Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/CE (Electrical Safety), published by AENOR in September 2013, already includes electrical safety specifications for this type of equipment. Previously, this equipment was regulated by the EN 60968 standard for light bulbs. Although the new standard EN 62560 is similar to EN 60968, it includes specific aspects for LED technology.

Furthermore, the new EN 62612 standard for self-ballasted LED lamps, published in March 2014, also regulates the performance requirements for this type of equipment. The standard includes changes in useful life testing. For example, environmental testing to ensure the optimal working temperature (stress operation in full range) or supply voltage range testing.

“AT4 wireless´ facilities are able to perform all the tests specified in the new published standards, adding these new features to our 20-year testing experience in: CE marking, EN 13032 photometric characterization, 1194/2012 and 874/2012 energy efficiency regulations, EN 62471photobiology testing, 2011/65/UE RoHS testing”, said Rafael González Electrical Safety and Renewable Energy Manager at AT4 wireless.


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