AT4 wireless sets up its photovoltaic testing laboratory in a new location

| July 12, 2014 | AT4 wireless has just moved its photovoltaic testing laboratory for modules and components to its headquarters at PTA in Malaga (Spain).

AT4 wireless is already testing photovoltaic modules and components in its new location at PTA in Malaga (Spain).

The photovoltaic testing laboratory is equipped with the latest technology to verify the compliance of the photovoltaic modules according to the requirements of energy efficiency, mechanical strength, environmental conditions, safety and compliance demanded by market.

With this new location AT4 wireless seeks to increase testing agility, functionality and synergy, by sharing facilities with electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility and environmental testing laboratories.

AT4 wireless remains its commitment with the photovoltaic industry, offering customers an extensive portfolio of testing services, certification, quality control, supplier’s acceptance, supervision and checking of photovoltaics facilities. In this way, the laboratories offer the most demanded services by the industry, such as PID (Potential Induced Degradation), corrosion ammoniac testing (IEC 62716) and pre-shipment testing; this is a service required by importers of photovoltaic modules at the point of origin of the module, according to their quality control system.

AT4 wireless is an active member of different standardization committees. Currently, AT4 wireless is involved in the development of IEC 61215-X standards which includes the qualification process for photovoltaic modules based on different technologies.

“We know industry needs, and we are continuously extending our testing offer according to the market needs and standards; in fact, AT4 wireless has recently expanded the scope of the laboratory to comply with the new annexes for the standard IEC 61730; this is a relevant standard because it refers to photovoltaic modules security, and also modifies some required tests. This is the case of the overload testing”, said Rafael Gonzalez (Electrical Safety Renewable Energy section head of AT4 wireless).  



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