AT4 wireless offers a new batteries testing service for use in portable applications

| 18 February, 2015 | AT4 wireless announces the extension of its Electrical Safety Laboratory Lab scope adding a new testing service for non-acid electrolyte (lithium and nickel) batteries aimed at portable applications use, in compliance with the IEC 62133 and ONU ST/SG/AC.10/27/add.2.; ST/SG/AC.10/11 standards, which specify security requirements that battery cells and battery pack must meet.


It´s relevant for designing batteries or internal electrical power source devices, manufactures have to pay special attention to safety requirements included in IEC 62133 y ONU ST/SG/AC.10/27/add.2.; ST/SG/AC.10/11 standards.

Last IT equipment (IEC 60950 standard) and medical electric equipment (IEC 60601) standards update, highlight the importance of batteries included in this type of devices, not for their voltage (normally not dangerous) unless the accumulated energy flowing for them, like thermal or explosion risks.

Both harmonized standards in their new versions, requires that batteries comply with product standards from electric safety point of view. In this way, IEC 62133 standard specifies the required tests both in battery cells and in battery pack. In some occasions battery supplier provides a pack in which only cells have been reviewed and not the complete pack.

Regarding to ONU ST/SG/AC.10/27/add.2.; ST/SG/AC.10/11 standard, article 38, includes the required testing for lithium batteries before being transported. Summarized test in ONU standard, are very similar to international EN 62133 standard, but with different degrees of severity.

“Our Electrical Safety Laboratory already has the instrumentation and equipment needed to carry out the required testing to guarantee safety in the batteries which feeds the rising number of IT devices, domestic and medical electric equipment incorporated,” says Rafael González, Electrical Safety Laboratory Manager at AT4 wireless.

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