AT4 wireless reinforces its offering of RoHS Testing Services, adding a new testing service for the detection of bromine in electrical and electronic equipment components

| 26 November, 2015 | AT4 wireless has expanded its offering of RoHS Testing Services according to 2011/65/UE Directive, adding specific instrumentation which allows the Laboratory to perform testing for bromine detection in components or flame retardants in electrical and electronics equipment.

AT4 wireless has a wide experience in RoHS testing services performance according to 2011/65/UE directive on restriction to the use of specific dangerous substance in electrical and electronics equipment.

The analysis of the results obtained from testing drives the Laboratory to expand its RoHS testing services offer in order to meet customers’ needs. After being tested in AT4 wireless Electric Safety Laboratory, 37% of components and flame retardants have shown to contain bromine traces over 0.1% of its weight, the limit set by Directive.

It should be said that bromine detection makes a deviation from the Directive, whether this element forms PBB (Polybromobiphenyls) or PBDE (Polybrominated diphenyl ether), both chemical components usually used like additive in order to get fireproof characteristics in insulating material.

With this new instrumentation and testing methodology, the Laboratory already get the ability to safely analyze if the bromine found in a particular material forms these types of chemical component.

“In this way AT4 wireless meets a real customer need, verified in our own Laboratory. Both manufacturers and importers of this type of materials can perform the entire RoHS testing activities at AT4 wireless facilities, without third-party involvement; that has an impact on our services efficiency and speed”, says Rafael Gonzalez, Electrical Safety Laboratory Manager at AT4 wireless.

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