AT4 wireless supports manufacturers of audio/video, information and communication technology equipment in its transition towards IEC 62368-1 standard

| 11 September, 2015 | AT4 wireless, a DEKRA company since its acquisition in June 2015, is pleased to announce that the laboratory provides their clients with a new service offer helping them to comply with IEC 62368-1 standard.

In order to simplify the safety requirements linked to the adoption of emerging technologies in audio/video, information and communication equipment, the IEC Technical Committee 108 recommends that EN 62368-1must be considered as an alternative to both standards in force: IEC 60005 (standard for audio/video devices , and IEC 60950 (standard for information technologies devices).

This makes that IEC 62368-1 standard acquires an increasingly importance because IEC 60950 standard is one of the most used and recognised safety standard worldwide. Although IEC 62368-1 standard will not replace them the current standards immediately.

IEC62368 standard takes a different approach about essential safety requirements with regard to current regulation; IEC considers that this new approach takes advantages such us relevant changes in the philosophy of existing safety standards. The standard has already been already published in its second edition and it is part of the list of harmonized standards of the European Union Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/CE.

“We have extended our testing and certification services offer according IEC 62368-1 standard. Also, we have designed a training “Compliance with IEC 62368-1_ Main Topics ”, aimed to clients who wish to learn more about this standard from our team of experts”, comments Rafael Gonzalez, Electrical Safety Laboratory Manager at AT4 wireless.

AT4 wireless is member of CTN209/SC108 Aenor Committee which is involved in these standards normalization: EN 62368, EN 60950 and EN 60065.

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