AENOR publishes the Technical Specification EA 0053 for travel adapters

| 5th April, 2016 | AT4 wireless active member of the Standards Subcommittee AEN/CTN 201/SC 23BG, has contributed to this standard development, answering to the existing regulatory for this kind of devices.

AT4 wireless, a DEKRA company, is pleased to announce the publication by AENOR (Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification) of the Technical Specification EA 0053 "Power sockets and plugs for domestic use and analogous. Travel adapters".

Published last 3rd February, the standard establishes a transition period of 6 months starting from its publication for manufacturers to adapt to the requirements, except for the marking requirements on the product itself, for which the transition period established, is 12 months.

This technical specification applies only to travel adapters designed to allow, inside buildings, the temporarily connection of small electrical appliances whose plug is different type of Spanish socket-outlet system. It should be applied to the adapters containing a socket-outlet part with the Spanish system according to UNE 20315 series of standards.

Therefore, adapters intended for permanent use are exempt from the scope of this specification, covered under the UNE 20315-2-5.

“We offer a comprehensive portfolio of testing services to those manufacturers involved in this new regulatory framework adaptation process; AT4 wireless Electrical Safety Laboratory has the technical capacity to carry out tests according to the requirements set by the technical specification EA 0053 as well as the series of standards UNE 20315, so that the marketed devices are reliable and safe”, says Rafael Gonzalez, Electrical Safety Laboratory Manager, at AT4 wireless, S.A.U., a DEKRA company.

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