AT4 wireless extends its wireless performance testing solutions for LTE-U and Wi-FiŽ coexistence

| 4th March, 2016 | 2016AT4 wireless performance test tool contributes to Wi-Fi Alliance® development of its LTE-U and Wi-Fi® coexistence test plan.

AT4 wireless Performance Test Tool provides specific features tailored for measuring the impact of the LTE in unlicensed band on Wi-Fi deployments.

These tools can be integrated into smartphones and other mobile devices facilitating laboratory and field testing. Among its main capabilities for LTE-U and Wi-Fi coexistence, we can highlight:

• Packet Level KPI Resolution

• QoS KPIs: Throughput, One-way Delay, One-way Jitter, and One-way Packet Loss

• Highly configurable traffic generator: Constant Bit Rate, Ramps, Loops and Bursts.

• Pass/Fail criteria per data flow based on KPI average and percentile

• Power supply control for device rebooting between test cycles


The AT4 wireless Performance Tool played an important role during the past months for the development of the draft LTE-U and Wi-Fi coexistence test plan within Wi-Fi Alliance®.

Wi-Fi Alliance focus is “to study coexistence mechanisms enabling shared use of unlicensed spectrum and to define Wi-Fi network baseline performance evaluation []”.

“AT4 wireless is very satisfied with the fruitful cooperation conducted with Wi-Fi Alliance at their Silicon Valley Labs. AT4 wireless works to be in the forefront of the wireless technologies in order to support the Industry with any new challenges that the technology evolution might present, as it is the case of the Wi-Fi and LTE-U coexistence", says Fernando E. Hardasmal, Managing Director at AT4 wireless, S.A.U, a DEKRA company.

AT4 wireless is member of Wi-Fi Alliance since 2004.


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