AT4 wireless supports a safe IoT ecosystem

Global Partner in Testing and Certification for Internet of Things

| 19th May, 2016 | Internet of Things presents a market need to test and validate wireless devices, sensors, any electronics and software involved, and AT4 wireless, a DEKRA company, is providing the right testing and certification strategy to successfully launch & market IoT devices worldwide.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a new scene where “things” (devices, people or animals) with embedded electronics, sensors, controllers and applications have the ability to transfer data over a network without human intervention.

Internet of Things enables a World where devices from different industries, such as Automotive, Consumer, Telecoms, Healthcare, Industrial, Retail, etc. are connected to the Internet and are able to identify themselves, request and even provide services to other devices.

Nowadays, there is no question about number of devices with built-in connectivity is growing fast; In fact, most studies in this area forecast that number of connected devices will have double in 2020, reaching 50 billion of connected devices worldwide.

But it is clear also that this exponential growth is having a strong impact across all industries and all areas of society. The Internet of Things market is starting to take off, and in parallel, new features and functionalities area appearing in devices, as well as new services, systems and applications on the world market; in the same way that “smart devices” are increasingly demanded by users: phones, tablets, watches, glasses, cars, lights, drones, wearables, thermostats, plugs, door phones, smoke fire detector, blinds, etc.

As key players in IoT, OEM’s are facing new challenges due to the integration of wireless technologies into their products. This new scenario also requires a new strategy for them, to successfully launch their products into the market in a timely manner, complying with the expected levels of interoperability, security and privacy.

AT4 wireless team has vast knowledge and expertise to respond IoT testing, validation and certification for the global market. As part of DEKRA, the company provides the right testing and certification strategy for the IoT value chain to test once and use everywhere, as well as the largest testing capacity Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth®, Continua, RFID/NFC, EMV® GSM/GPRS/EDGE/AMR, W-CDMA/HSPA+, LTE, SIM/USIM, Wireless Charging (AirFuel Alliance) ULE and Mirrorlink®, with the best quality of service and faster execution times.

“AT4 wireless is offering conformance and regulatory testing & certification services but also performance, UX, interoperability, field testing and more to answer to the new industry needs in the IoT market. At the same time, AT4 wireless is cooperating with leading industry consortiums in the development of new testing and certification schemes around IoT and a number of vertical markets.”, says Fernando E. Hardasmal, Managing Director at AT4 wireless, a DEKRA company.

Several International Alliances or Consortiums are emerging with the objective of making the universe of things speak the same digital language. A good example is AllJoyn, an open source software framework, supported by the AllSeen Alliance (cross-industry Consortium formed by top companies such as Qualcomm, Microsoft, LG, Philips, Sony, Electrolux, Sharp, Haier, Canon, Asus and Cisco) and, probably, the technology to lead the IoT movement. Allseen Alliance has certified multiple products (such as TVs, routers, operating systems, tablets, gateways, home appliances, etc.) that are already on the market.

AT4 wireless, has been working with the AllSeen Alliance to define a solid Certification program including Conformance and Interoperability testing to assure that AllJoyn devices can communicate smoothly in the real World. AT4 wireless is also the first AllSeen Alliance Test Lab that performs the certification testing and the Certification Body assessing the certification applications.

As a reference company in its field, it is often the first Test Laboratory to offer services for new technologies on the market. The company has received a number of accreditations and awards from standardization organizations, industry alliances and public organizations.

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