AT4 wireless test labs in Europe, USA and Asia are now open for Near Field Communication (NFC) Forum certification testing services

 Near Field Communications Certified

Malaga, Spain 16 de February, 2011 - AT4 wireless, a leading testing and certification laboratory, announces that a new testing service for certification of devices built to NFC Forum global standards is now available at AT4 wireless laboratories in Taipei (Taiwan), Herndon, VA (USA) and Malaga (Spain)..

Using the Rider NFC test system for digital protocol testing, the first test solution approved for NFC Forum certification and developed by AT4 wireless, AT4 wireless’s laboratories are able to ensure that NFC devices are thoroughly tested to NFC Forum certification requirements.

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a short-range wireless connectivity technology that provides intuitive, simple, and safe communication between electronic devices. Communication occurs when two NFC-compatible devices are brought within a few centimetres of one another. NFC operates at 13.56 MHz and transfers data at up to 424 Kbits/second. Because the transmission range is so short, NFC-enabled transactions are inherently secure.

We want to thank the NFC Forum for this designation. AT4 wireless is the first laboratory to offer NFC Forum testing services in three different locations. AT4 wireless has been involved in the NFC Forum since 2005, and we are really excited about the NFC Forum Certification Program's first Certification Wave,” said Andres Moreno, Sales and Marketing Director at AT4 wireless. This new service allows us to extend our portfolio of testing and certification services that already includes Bluetooth® qualification, Wi-Fi, Continua Health Alliance, GCF, PTCRB and WiMAX Forum® certification along with Regulatory testing and Worldwide Compliance Services, and strengthen our position as the leading laboratory for manufacturers of wireless devices“.

The launch of AT4 wireless's certification testing service is a milestone in the relationship between our two organizations, and in the NFC Forum's Certification Program,” said Debbie Arnold, NFC Forum spokesperson. “We commend AT4 wireless for providing NFC device manufacturers on three continents the opportunity to have their products laboratory-tested and certified.”